How to change logo

First make sure logo is enabled in theme settings.
Navigate to: Home >> Administration >> Appearance >> Settings (of fold theme) and enable logo.

Now replace the logo.png file with your own logo image.
logo.png file is located in theme folder.

  • Name of the logo image should be logo.png
  • width of logo.png should not be more than 300px.


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George (not verified)

31/Oct/2011 - 03:51am

I got here because I was looking for how to adjust the size of the logo in the header on the Drupal org site.

When I arrived here, I see my question is not quite answered. When I change the logo dimensions and the header height, the other blocks overlap my now larger header area.

Somehow, Drupal overrides changes made to the layout.css. I have seen that the rendered page loads many other style sheets besides the layout.css. Some of these seem to be setting absolute positions for things like the search and the log in block.

Can I find that info here?

admin's picture


01/Nov/2011 - 04:39am

If you are using Fold theme, and you want to use bigger logo image, you need to edit following style in style.css

#header-top #logo {
float: left;
width: 300px;
margin-top: 10px;
Isabelle's picture

Isabelle (not verified)

25/Jan/2012 - 12:37am

What font is used in the logo?

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22/Mar/2012 - 03:00am

@Isabelle, sorry I do not remember the exact font name.
But there are lots of free fonts like you can download from

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